Jonathan Pinnock's 'Lost for Words'

Lost for Words

It had to be said that poetry
was not his

but needs must when Eros calls
and this time the God was

He ordered online
and the words were delivered
by a man in a van
with expansive
rear cleavage.

Ticking off his clipboard,
the man enumerated:
“There’s yer inchoate,
yer iridescent,
and yer filigree,

“There’s yer longing
yer keening,
yer yearning
and yer deeper meaning.
And in this bag ’ere,

“There’s yer myriad,
many-hued, lambent
cerulean shards
(watch yer fingers there).”

He signed for the words
and the delivery man left,
then he shouted, “Wait!
How do I mix it
all together?”

But the van had gone,
its exhaust emitting a
plangent yet coruscating

*Jonathan Pinnock has written all sorts of stuff and has been published all over the place. His novel “Mrs Darcy versus the Aliens” was published by Proxima in Autumn 2011, and his short story collection “Dot(.), Dash(-)” will be published by Salt in 2012. He blogs at and tweets as @jonpinnock. Mrs Darcy has her own website at


  1. I love this! Sums up my ambivalent love/hate relationship with some poetry! Deborah Alma

  2. Love this!Joan Hewitt

  3. Anonymous

    Splendid piece!

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