David Calcutt's 'Stone Meets a Ghost'

Stone Meets a Ghost

Stone’s just standing around among the ruins
He’s waiting in the shadows to see the sun come up

A ghost comes along
It’s weeping

It has no shape no face
It looks like mist it weeps

Stone thinks
Is this just mist
But it’s weeping

Stone tries to comfort the ghost
But his arms wrap round nothing
They come back cold and damp

Stone tries speaking to the ghost
Gentle words his voice disappears
It flops soundless a wet rag on the ground

The ghost weeps its sighs
Long weeping deep sighing
Stone fills up with its eternal sadness

Stone weeps he sighs
Long weeping deep sighing

Not even the early morning birds
Not  even the starry snails
Not even the grandmother trees
Can comfort him

The ghost wraps its arms around him
The ghost speaks gentle words in his ear

Stone goes numb
He dissolves in the sunrise
The ghost laughs.

*David Calcutt is a playwright, poet and children's novelist. His latest novel The Map of Marvels is published by OUP. He works on a project making poetry with people with dementia and is currently writing a play for Midland Actors Theatre based on stories by Chekhov.  This is his website.

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