Rowena Warwick



Flowers for the Meeting


The chairwoman, glamorous

in purple with military buttons,

has wings of buttermilk dahlias.

On the mantle shelf, a hat

of baby pink roses, three feet wide, waits

for her perfect vase of brown hair.


Her spectacles on the tip

of her nose, she peers

to take in the assembled men,

each one overwhelmed by the need

to share their wisdom,

their accumulated knowledge,

their opinions and those stolen

from others, more interesting.

A class of schoolboys, hands raised,

jittering to impress.


Then it’s over,

the coffee drunk,

the biscuits passed, chewed, swallowed.

She rises,

balances her rose hat,

ripples her dahlia wings.

She flys

through empty windows.



Rowena Warwick lives in Oxfordshire with her husband, her westie and her sons. When not writing she works for the health service.

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