Lindsay Waller-Wilkinson




Brown Velvet Suit

Ever hopeful, I bought a new frock – navy-blue, elegant, chic, and sensed a frisson of excitement as we dressed, but the vision before me was a shock… I never imagined a brown velvet suit. He looked like a sleazy actor from a low budget 1970’s porn film. (Seems his girlfriend had questionable taste.) What’s more, I’d booked the weekend away in the vain hope of re-kindling our love. Even the boutique country hotel proved ineffectual – it was too late in the day. But I didn’t care – It was a comfort that in my mind he’d always look a prat.




Lindsay Waller-Wilkinson has been a  fashion designer for years, more recently a writer, her poems and stories have appreared in Hearing voices, Here Comes Everyone and a Pewter Rose Anthology. She lives with three (male) children, two (male) dogs and one (male) man and her ambition is to one day own a (lady) parrot. She blogs at

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