Lesley Ingram




Tŷ  unnos     (One Night House)



Sunrise, the things I offer you:

a house coughed up overnight

by the earth in its own image,

gorse, sods, turf, an eyeful


of window facing sunwards,

an open door, a dirt floor

to be polished by the weight

of dancing feet and babies’ knees,


a hearth in full flame, smoke

surprised and blinking

through hazel wicker,

a chimney, triumphant.


My back into everything.

The cwtch in my arms.

The trajectory of an axe,

the distance it yields. Years.



Lesley Ingram is from Doncaster but now splits her time between Ledbury & Saintes (France). She has an MA in CW from the University of Gloucestershire, has been published here and there, and is working on everywhere. She has entered one poetry competition, Ludlow, which she won, and is wondering – what next?


Tŷ  unnos   (One Night House) won the Ludlow Fringe Poetry Competition, June 2013.





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