Sthira Bhattacharya



Listening to Arlo play his railroad stories


why is  the 60’s, 70’s

American country music

so often

on the road,

forever talking

light rides


across the land?

they sing

with an eye on

bus-stops cold

with horizons

slung between

the dream

and the sun

neon signs

for roadside inns

and dust flying full


Mississippi Texas


they write

always between

two mornings

of disappearing

railroad blues

or till the next ride down to

the San Francisco lights.

the minute

you heard them,

they were already

shuffling down

a (third) beer in hand

to some

odd galaxy of city-streets

all they wept for

will float beneath

the young night-sky

of their America.



Sthira Bhattacharya is an undergraduate student of English Literature in St. Stephen’s College, Delhi. Much of her writing traces lines across the three cities she has known in bits – Delhi, Kolkata and her hometown Dhanbad in Eastern India.

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