Lisa Oliver


The End of Man

It’s time to go over the top
use the plural
make something rise
add words
flexible man/cardboard woman

Theoretically man can be anything
parts of the tree of life are well documented
other sections barely shirk the obvious

Humanity may notice a chill in the air
Conspiracy theory
We stopped taking it seriously
It wasn’t the internet that broke
the life that Jack built

More than class or politics
this is a tale of love
a puzzle worth solving
scattered around like ticker tape
in pursuit of happiness



Lisa Oliver is a writer and tutor based in Cheshire.  She has an MA in Creative Writing from Keele University where she specialised in prose fiction. Lisa graduated with a new-found love and respect for poetry and is addicted to finding poetry in the everyday, the weird and the wonderful.


Note:  This poem is from strap lines in The Observer New Review, September 30th 2012

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