Melanie Browne




I Went To Space With Leo DiCaprio

We fell in love in space,
but then quickly fell out again,
we divorced in space,
which made things awkward,
In space everything is thinner,
I looked like a supermodel,
that’s probably why he fell in
love with me in the first place,
it’s fun being rich in Space,
eating caviar is a challenge!!
I took lots of pictures with an old
brownie camera,
from space Earth looks like
a Gargoyle,
you probably didn’t expect me
to say that,
I’m sorry to dampen your
illusions, but seriously,
it’s Grotesque!
I didn’t have time to bear Leo’s children
so the divorce wasn’t messy or anything,
in case you are wondering,
I told Leo my dreams in Space,
he thought I was weird,
and asked about Lithium,
it was a bumpy ride on
the way home,
and very loud,
I plan to sell this story to
the tabloids.


Melanie Browne is a poetry and fiction writer living in Texas with her husband and three children.Her work can be found at Storyglossia, Johnny America, and Pulp Metal Magazine. She has a story forthcoming in the second Zombies Gone Wild Anthology.

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