Gloria Garfunkel




Mall Stalker

I hate people, all those people who are so happy right in your face? The fuck you people strolling through the plastic malls the world over, their tinny voices bouncing off the walls even an iPod can’t mute.

I walk among them but I am not of them. You think me arrogant but I do not lie. For one thing, I never smile. My lips are a straight black line, like a dash in a sentence. I glide like a stealth bomber, invisible. When one of those perfume ladies even thinks to squirt me, I disintegrate her like she is a puff a smoke, like she was never there. Same with those people dangling objects in front of me from their carts. I tolerate nothing.

I am the Mall Stalker. When I’ve had enough, I pop into Mom’s Chevy Suburban and fly home.





Gloria Garfunkel is the daughter of two Auschwitz survivors and has a Ph.D. in Psychology and Social Relations from Harvard University. She has been a therapist for thirty years and is switching careers to writing fiction and memoir. She has recently published over thirty stories.

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