Chapbooks: Grant Savage’s "Finding a Breeze" reviewed

Finding a Breeze

As with any field of endeavor, there are high flyers, egotists and non-assuming types that simply do their own thing. The chapbook in this small review comes from such a non-assuming man. Grant Savage’s Finding a Breeze was launched during the 2009 Haiku North America Conference, held in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Savage is a naturalist by avocation and his haiku show his observations of the natural world.

a gentle breeze
rocks the tulips
the bees within

There is beauty in his haiku and also a deep understanding of the world,

early morning pond
reflected in its stillness

While the chapbook is only 19 pages long, it does give the reader a great insight into Savage’s writing. These haiku are written by a poet who has been deeply in tune with nature for a long time observing and capturing the moment. His moments, his world…

* Finding a Breeze may be ordered from Kings Road Press at

…review by Mike Montreuil

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