Julian Baker says "Atisshoo"


Three months on from not living with his parents, and still no shag.

The girl at the pub's club night seemed well promising though. Even borrowing the barman's felt-tip to scribble her mobile number across a tissue for him. If it was really was hers.

And now a fresh chance, waiting for the night bus, alone with a girl who's crying softly to herself. Prettier than the other one.

Offer her the tissue. Think how charming he'd seem, catch her on the rebound with his kindness. Give him the in to chat her up on the ride home.

What if she wasn't unhappy about being dumped. Time he found out, her tears would have smudged the phone number illegibly.

Fuck, what a dilemma.

* Julian Baker says “I like writing a lot more than working. I wish I could work less and write more. For a while I struggled to find a label for my writing (everybody likes a label) and then thanks to tiny poet I found one. I write tiny fiction. I've been published by Six sentences, Insolent Rudder, Scarecrow and This Zine will save your life.”

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