Thomas Stewart




Another Poem About Love

Sigh, because this is another poem about love
about the disaster
the vague essence of hope
the meet, the end, the bits in-between.

Tell me I didn’t hate him when we first met
– hello, Elizabeth and Darcy –
tell me we didn’t have a great passion
– how are you, Cathy and Heathcliff ?–
and tell me we didn’t try not to be together but always fail
– so long, Jane and Edward –

Let’s hear it, the unoriginal truth
because maybe that’s just how it goes
however we want to write or see it
it is just that simple.




Thomas Stewart is an English graduate from the University of Glamorgan soon to go on to do his Masters in Creative Writing at the University of Warwick. He is cursed with the act of overthinking which funnels his writing about broken relationships, magic, and all the things in-between. He enjoys folk music, horror films, suburban literature and has an obsession with the human psyche.  This is his blog.

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