Michael Caylo-Baradi


Cruising Country

The heat wave settles on the dashboard.
We’re cruising it below the eighties. Beside us are fields
of green, vast as boredom uninterrupted.
Music from the radio takes the AC to another
level of cool. It’s like 7pm dinner
without frills; the silence belongs
to the food we’re taking apart. Later, country music
gives it a different spin, as we imagine highways
accelerating us out of these routines.




Michael Caylo-Baradi  lives in California. You may find his work at BlazeVOX, BluePrintReview, The Common (Amherst), Eclectica, MiPOesias, Munyori, Otoliths, Prick of the Spindle, Pyrta,  and elsewhere. He has also reviewed for PopMatters, Latin American Review of Books (UK) and NewPages.


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