Alexandra O’Toole




Morning Glory

I thought of you this morning,
as the sky turned pink
and the light blossomed.
As the world bloomed, breathed,
and began again.
Where is she? I wondered.
What is she doing?
Right now, at this moment?
As I watch the blue shadows fade,
as a bee taps at my window.

I remembered you as you were last night,
when the clouds parted
and the moon shimmered.
The way your pale hips shook and fell,
and how you bit your lip.
And your hair,
spread like honey on the ground
was soft and all aglow.
The way a blush seeped through your milky skin,
setting you alight beside the blackened river.

I looked at you as I rose,
from the rough weeds of my bed
and brushed down my clothes.
The half smile on your lips, afterwards:
before the glory of the morning.
What were you thinking? I wondered.
What were you thinking?
Just then, at that moment,
as I caught my breath and felt my heart slow,
as the nightingale began to sing our song



Alexandra O’Toole is currently editing her first novel. She has an MA in Creative Writing from Lancaster University. When she’s not writing, or blogging about writing at she works with businesses to help them connect with their audiences through stories.

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