Jack Campbell




Through His Eyes


Seven years old and he’s already a frigging know-it-all!

Told him, take yer shower, do it now while ya got the chance.

He don’t like it.  He don’t want to go first, wants to get

something from the fridge to drink; turn on the X-box.

He just wants sister to get in there first and let him alone.

He just too damned busy playing and don’t want to stop.


Explained to him again that he’s a guy and it takes less time

and less hot water to rinse off a dude than a chick.

Leastways that how it always seemed, the girls

ain’t into quickies, but like to take their time

and get all the grunge off.

The boy just don’t like it, starts crying.


Momma didn’t put up with no fits.

If you gave her even a hint of Lip

She’d slap your face off.

She didn’t put up with bad attitudes

back in the day when parents had balls.

Back in the day when it was okay to get a switch.


These days, boys throw themselves to the floor

an start bawling bout how mistreated they be.

If they can’t have instant gratification

they don’t want it ‘lessen you beg them to take it.

Kid, seven year old, sit in the floor and turn his back

to the man just trying to make his life a bit easier;

show him some sense; a bit o wisdom.


Sometimes wonder though; if all that he seeing

is four sets of rules made up by big bullies.

There’s momma’s rules, daddy’s rules, nana’s rules and grandpa’s rules.

Four houses and four sets of rules to be played against each other.

Cause he will eventually catch on—already has

started using that line the other day.


Wondered though if all he understands

is that it’s a grown up world and grownups

have to have their MTV and cappuccinos.

They have to have their marriage and a girl on the side.

Gownups have to have their toys too

and a seven year old is just extra baggage

to be stuffed in the trunk with the rest of the garbage.

Wonder when he’ll pick up the gun.



Jack Campbell is a poet and author residing in the small city of Hobbs, NM, USA.  Mostly, a jack of all trades he has found a passion for writing and storyteller late in his journey in Life.  At age fifty he is looking forward to the second act.

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