Pat Jourdan is taking a March train journey

March Train Journey, Norfolk


Some daffodils left looking at each other.

A grouse, sidling along trying to avoid its destiny,

overdressed in the fields

with the amazing white collar

and the bright red suit, blue tie.

A lolloping hare dashing off across a wide field

startled by the 2.30 pm train.

Newly-turned soil on allotments.

The cramped madhouses of railway-crossing cottages,

their haphazard cluttered gardens.

The Broads, where the land decides

where the sea ends and soil begins

and  all the
time the sky has more to give,

more to deliver.

Nothing else is here.

Not worth breaking that horizon with trees,

their tempting silhouettes.

Only the station names huddle the landscape

into human order –

Reedham, Haddiscoe, Berney Arms, Lowestoft,

stuttering towards the coast

and the accomplished journey

towards that dash and thrust of tides.



* Pat Jourdan's latest book is the novel Finding

and her poetry has been included in last year's Sutton Hoo Poetry Festival and the Voicing

Norwich Twenty Group Exhibition. Earlier this year her poem In the House of the Deceased was featured in the Daily Mirror. Her website is

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