Christina Murphy is listening to night echoes

One of the more fascinating aspects of the poetry scene – and one of the original motivations for setting up Ink Sweat & Tears in the first place – is that hazy borderline between poetry and prose, when poetry becomes prose poetry… or is it literary flash fiction?

Night Echoes
The balcony was cast in silver moon light. Traffic lights illuminated the sidewalks as people hurried along. He was aware of horns blaring and a siren in the distance. He was alone again with only the stars for company. Once he had believed in wishing upon the stars; now he felt the stars and his wishes were his enemies. She was gone – no explanation – and he hated knowing that she could go on without him. Now only the night understood him and how lonely he was. He embraced the darkness, and for one brief moment, thought he had caught sight of her moving through the crowd and coming toward him, her eyes filled with regret.

* Christina Murphy's writing has been published in a number of journals including most recently Short, Fast, and Deadly, Foundling Review, and Right Hand Pointing. Her work has received an Editor's Choice Award and has been a finalist for national awards from Glimmer Train, Crab Orchard Review, and Open Thread.

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