On the fifth day of Christmas….Veronica Von Pegg and Andrew McDonnell



























Veronica Von Pegg is a mixed media artist, a photographer and writer, who expresses a past life through images and words. She collects second hand items, and is a firm believer in reincarnation.




Charlie Brown is Sad


Charlie Brown needs a slap to bring him to his senses

dragging his baseball mitt through the snow

like a reanimated, headless rabbit on an A road

I can’t be doing with your black cloud Charlie Brown


It’s all me, me, me with you, you, you

little sad American boy with Christmas in blue

Walking across my television like a headache

Your pumpkin shaped head haunting all my bulbuls.


I have tinsel and paper chains to hang in the hall

I have a child in thrall to Argos tat

I have a fuck-off turkey to baste and bake

elderly to ferry, carpets to shake and vac


This is no such thing as good grief, Charlie Brown,

But a fuckety-fuck you! should bring you round.






Andrew McDonnell has published various poems in various places and is a director of Gatehouse Press and steering editor of Lighthouse Literary Journal. He is working in his first collection



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