Frank Dullaghan is telling old tales

Fairy Tales
In your telling of it, that farm cottage
held all the detailed charm
of a painting – the sun purring
against its white walls, its half-door
opening onto a yard of hens, and
a tractor standing noble in its red coat.
But touch the paint and it will flake
to half-truths and closed spaces,
to bog-dark silences and pain
tight as a body bag. It has more to do
with rough hands and a young girl's
sudden knowing than playful lambs.
This is the dark within the fairy tale,
the old story dressed up for the neighbors.

* Frank Dullaghan is an Irish poet who has been living in Dubai since Sept 2006. His first collection On the Back of the Wind is published by Cinnamon Press in the UK. Whilst living in the UK, he edited the poetry magazine Seam.  

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    i love this

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