Charles G Lauder's 'Tree of Desire'

Tree of Desire

Were there ever a tree of desire
ladened with the fruit of temptation
it grew in her back garden.

Juices streamed down beaks
stained feathers like drops of rain
when the peach flesh was pierced.

Tin can lids and mirror shards
tethered and twirled from the branches
like music   lured the rooks

with visions of a lusher crop
their beaks denting against glass
and metal   while some pause

to stare and groom their glossy
darkness   still others keep away
the glare of their greed shames them.

The old lady who set the trap
waits rifle in hand   as she waited
for the neighbor’s dog who came

to steal her chickens. Her granddaughter
sees from the kitchen window a tree
of icicles in the middle of summer

a shimmering white dress of reflective
stones she hopes to wear some day.

*Charles G Lauder, Jr, was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, and now lives in south Leicestershire. He has been widely published internationally in American, British, Irish, and European journals. His pamphlet, Bleeds, will be published by Crystal Clear Creators in 2012.

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  1. Good to read your poem here, Charles.
    I like the differing perceptions of the same tree.

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