Maggie Mackay




I turn my head to see you
in the wing mirror
as usual.
My hand falls
from the gear stick, outrider
for the electric whirr echo;
whiteout. Landmarks slip,
drumsticks thrash
over the earth’s core,
through my skull.

My words flounder. This skin is new to me.
I slur a name – might be mine –
gulp a balloon of air
as I roll on the edge
of another squall-storm.

This cumulonimbus is beyond
transient suggest the experts.
It’s a clot inside my vein,
a black-blue spiral of onyx;
at the nucleus, blood-drenched strokes of fire.




Maggie Mackay’s biggest success so far has been as part of the writing collective at with five poems in their anthology Still Me… published by She has been accepted for the MA in Creative Writing (Poetry) at Manchester Metropolitan University in January 2014.

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