Richard Osgood says please don't walk on the wet floor

(Please) Don’t Walk On The Wet Floor, Edgar

Flat back, eyes up — then I shall cross the ceiling — you must watch it dry first — then you mustn't first wash it — sit up and listen, Edgar — take my pulse, if you wish — you are a household name.

Chairs move close, eyes front, strings broken — the music can't be heard if all are dancing—overdrive, Edgar — and be damned — ride a steel breeze, winner and loser — where leaves swallow the queen — pile on the layers, feathery tongue, from this side of the room the sea isn't green.

But the snow is deep and my feet are cold — yellow will be there when all stop looking and words are swallowed — I seek the warmth of paper hats and steel wire — catch the river, Edgar — I must do it alone — no, do it with us, for us, all of us.

Then leave me, old shoes and nervous fits — don't wait for the barley to grow, Edgar — what exactly is the joke? — 'tis a strange hobby, banging doors, finding places to go — I fight the blue I once knew, by your side, Lucifer sea — stages, six, without error, bring good fortune.

Why must you wash the floor when I need first to reach the other side? — a return to Baton Rouge — brilliant red emissions return winter solstice — they will spear you — take my temperature, if you wish — take darkness, increase it by one, and things are destroyed, all at once, and for all.

Tragedy is never shared between lovers — reflections fade to black — considerate of you to say you are not here — on a buttercup, where love blooms, the prowling sands of icy waters — shine on — kiss the ground—please don't walk on the wet floor, Edgar — fold a newspaper under arm until death — else you slip and fall.

* Richard Osgood lives on a river where the north meets the south.  Publication credits include, Dead Mule School of Southern Literature, Hobart, Dogzplot, LitChaos, The First Line, Mudluscious, and Writer's Bloc, among others.  He continues to mourn the deaths of Steve Marriott and Syd Barrett.

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