Uche Ogbuji



Hair of the Dog

Oh the drinks, nor just a few:
Spirits, wine and steins of brew!
Bonnet buzzing manic bee.
Redde dithyrambic due!

He tried prairie oyster brew,
Merely made him heave anew;
Same sad luck with herbal tea.
Redde dithyrambic due!

He played Rhapsody in Blue
To help down mulligan stew.
How to slouch towards Innisfree?
Redde dithyrambic due!

At a sudden stroke he knew!
What should a sodden poet do?
Sip rhyme sap from the bay tree!
Redde dithyrambic due!





Uche Ogbuji  was born in Nigeria and lives in Boulder, Colorado, a computer engineer by profession. His collection of poems, Ndewo, Colorado is forthcoming from Kelsay Books. He’s editor at Kin Poetry, The Nervous breakdown, and Twitter’s @ColoradoPoetry. This is his website.  Follow him on Twitter @uogbuji 

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