Satyadaka takes a salamander for a walk

The jewelled eyes and rainbow-coloured skin’s
what caught my interest.  I watched for ages
from the corners of my eyes and crept
upon it carefully, declared no
positive intent, until it saw me.
So I took it home and taught it all I knew
of colour, softness, love…
It keeps me warm and helps me be alone.
We eat and sleep and sometimes go for walks.
A salamander on a lead is fun.
I read it poems from a red-bound book
and play the piano in a strident way.
My salamander dances in a haze
of fire, and jewels sparkle at its feet.
‘We go together you and me,’ I say. 

*Satyadaka is a Buddhist and lives in Norwich. He writes poetry, and plays saxophone in 'WSM Trio'.

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