Maurice Devitt




Hanging the Mirror


I was thinking

that maybe this wasn’t the way:

then you arrived, perfectly-equipped –

inflated hammer and rubber nails –

City and Guilds poking

from the side-pocket of your overalls.

Like a safe-cracker

you tapped the wall for girth

and hidden passages, walked around

the mirror as though skirting a pond,

took off your shoes and stepped in,

cautiously at first, nervous of carp

and knotted reeds. Waded

up to your waist. ‘Come in, it’s lovely’.

Never a swimmer, I demurred,

offered to hold your coat.

You walked until you were out

of your depth and all I could see

was the hammer in an outstretched hand.

Left it a day or so but you never came back.

Eventually, when I hung the mirror

I turned it sideways so you would be

closer to the bank.




Maurice Devitt: After a career in business he completed the Poetry Studies MA at Mater Dei in Dublin. He was recently placed third in The Cork Literary Review Manuscript Competition, and short-listed for the Over the Edge New Writer Award, Westport Arts Poetry Competition and The Doire Press International Chapbook Competition. During 2012 he was nominated for a Pushcart Prize, was runner-up in the Cork Literary Review Manuscript Competition and short-listed for the Listowel Writers’ Week Poetry Collection Competition.



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