June catches her breath

We mentioned the launch for Martin Figura's new collection Whistle in the previous posting – now here's another poem from that collection…


Suddenly June catches her breath,
wakes reeling from the vertiginous
blurred curvature of the earth,
its unappeasable distance
where she hangs, voiceless.

Below, lines of silver
slowly pull into focus,
she sees three rivers.

These rivers are survivors
coursing through canyons
of beasts and wild flowers,
like blood through veins.

They carry her with them.
This isn’t a dream.

* Martin Figura left school at 15 to
join the Army. He left in 1997 after 25 years to become a photographer.
His first poetry collection The Little Book of Harm (Firewater
Press) was published in 2000 and reprinted in 2001,2002 & 2003. Ahem (Eggbox) his second collection
was published in 2005. He begins a touring show of Whistle,
produced by Apples and Snakes, at the Ledbury Poetry Festival in July.

** Whistle
is available from to www.arrowheadpress.co.uk/books/whistle.html and also from the Book Hive in Norwich.

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