Jacqueline Saphra shows us the opposite of Houdini

I once knew a woman who was Houdini’s opposite.
No hands, unaided, she had taught herself to gag
her wants with masking tape, shackle her feet,
bind her own wrists in the manner of famous sadists.
She was a smouldering starlet, a five pointed miracle
artfully arranged on the crispness of linen.
She’d brand the mattress with her hourglass
of flesh while she waited for her man to save her
and sure enough he’d always turn up just in time
ready to rip the tape from her lips, slit the knots,
turn the key and set her free to perform her act
over and over, each time with more of that slick,
irresistible conviction. What pleasure was there.
She called it love. He called it getting a grip.

* Jacqueline Saphra
’s poetry has been widely published and her plays performed on stage and television. She has won several awards including first prize in the Ledbury Poetry Competition. Her pamphlet, Rock’n’Roll Mamma (Flarestack) will be followed this year by her first collection The Kitchen of Lovely Contraptions  (flipped eye – supported by The Arts Council of England.)

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