Sue Birchenough



I’m bed

I’m bed
not wardrobe with my back against the wall

ladle not fork
breast stroke not crawl
lintel not brick
flagpole not vault
sweetcorn not wheat

I would like to meet a man    for swimming,
visits to ikea,
prefers public buildings to a pub (lol)
and is looking to buy a cottage    in a year or two

gluten intolerance   would be a plus


Sue Birchenough has been writing poems for about 4 years. She lives in Buxton, and regularly gets to poetry workshops, events, and readings in Manchester – occasionally in London, too. She has poems in the English PEN Catechism anthology, the Peter Barlow’s Cigarette No Spy Zone anthology, and the forthcoming Like This Press Austin, Bronte, and Shakespeare anthology. In 2012 and 2013 she was shortlisted in the Erbacce poetry prize.

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