Hilda Sheehan




The Macaroons

(Still humming) Frances unpacks her shopping, she is thinking of moving things around. Everything is light, she is empty, and opens up a bag of macaroons, eats two of them. How the macaroons fall from her mouth, to her stomach, to the bottom of her feet. Frances eats all of them and flattens the empty packet. (Enter Martine) I thought you might share those macaroons, Frances. I am empty too! (Martine takes Frances playfully by the ear). Macaroons will never fill you – you’d need hundreds of packets to fill your empty doll-plastic legs (wagging her finger) (with a laugh) (the doorbell rings). It is the Tesco delivery man, made of plastic, in a plastic van, with many plastic bags full of plastic food for the house. How can we unpack this? cries Martine. Frances claps her hands (still humming) (hiding many packets of macaroons) (the doorbell rings).



Hilda Sheehan‘s collection The Night My Sister Went to Hollywood is available from Cultured Llama Press and her new collection, Frances and Martine is from Dancing Girl Press.  This is her website:  www.hildasheehan.com

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