Stav Poleg




Haikus inspired by the macarons of Patisserie Madeleine, Edinburgh  

Here’s Fleur d’Oranger,
Saffron Pistache, Sakura.
Instead of breakfast.

Fleur d’Oranger

The orchard’s wingspan.
A child is hula hooping
in the evening sun.

Saffron Pistache

City somersaults.
I’m taking the yellow bike
over the river.

Thé au Jasmin

Walking in circles,
the woman pushing the pram,
the year of the horse.


Dark flamingo moon.
The sea’s humming in purple,
a ring in my palm.

Choco Poir

Asleep in your coat,
the train’s crossing an orchard.
The wine glass trembles.


Edinburgh winter.
The city breathes inwards
moon palpitations.


The deepest of green.
Glass beads scattered on the grass,
making a necklace.



Stav Poleg’s graphic-novel shorts Dear Penelope   (with artist Laura Gressani) has been acquired recently by the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art. Her poetry is featured in the anthology Be the First to Like This: New Scottish Poetry (Vagabond Voices).

Circles was created as part of the Clarence Street Poets’ Hai-Caroons  exhibition at the Poetry Patisseire in Edinburgh, August 2014.


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