Julie Hogg

Vettriano Life

I was truly alone
like any romantic
pigeon-holed into
an edgy corner
happy hour oysters
rare rib-eye steak
lush red wine
I danced to jazz
he tumbled whiskey
with cut glass lustre
I followed him up
to this cities
natural planetarium
saw the curve
of the earth
smoked cuban cigars
my hands held no hearts
on this players cards
and when he came
my name was any name
my face was any face
in any rooftop place
like this where red
hems soak in
summer rain and stars
where princesses
work all night in bars
wishing for better
morning afters for
their unborn daughters.



Julie Hogg began writing poetry following an MA in Creative Writing at the University of Teesside and can’t stop. Published in magazines and anthologies in her native North East of England, she also is featured in a chapbook from the Black Light Engine Room Press.

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