Ali Lewis




photographs from our holiday in bed

this is
the night we slept how mathematicians draw an ‘x’
the night we lay facedown smug as pocket aces
the night we peeled apart like pitta from itself
the night I was ampersand and you were treble clef
the night we were paper figures strung across the bed
the night our bodies framed a question asked in Spanish
the night you coiled yourself into a burning ear
the night you unravelled like a Danish or a fern
the night we were the ‘t’s in ‘better’
the night that I was seat and seatbelt
the night that you were cloak and broach
the night that I was scarf and snowshoes
the night we slept like harboured boats
the night we were coil and core of a magnet
the night we were strawberry and lime in a Twister
the night our hips were a painting of hills
the night we slept like the logo of Kappa
the night we were stacked like strata in clay
the night the bed wore its sheet off the shoulder
the night you led from your hand to mine
the nights we fashioned from day



Ali Lewis is a 24-year-old writer and tutor from Nottingham. He graduated from Cambridge in 2012 and now lives in Peckham. His work has been published in The Cadaverine. He tweets @ali_b_lewis.

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