Herb Kauderer




Patterns of Growth: Patterns of Decay

Beneath the weight of stolen love the main
branch splinters, & the stranger takes fruit newly
in reach.  The bough holds tight.  He pulls it free
without regard or care for any pain.
The tree will not acknowledge the new stain
nor yet admit its stolen kiss was guilty.
Denied the nurturing of family
the branch attempts to drink support from rain
and sun, but gains no solace from the meal.
Conspiring, nature hides the gaping sore
behind a screen of leaves, but no lush wall
of spreading green can mend what will not heal.
The wounded limb’s remains can do no more
than seek a lower height from which to fall.



 Herb Kauderer is an associate professor of English at Hilbert College, and holds an MFA from Goddard College.  He has had eight chapbooks of poetry published, most recently The Book of Answers.

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