Dave Hubble


Hipster builder

On the post-work bus
you chat with colleagues,
a counterpoint to their crew-cuts,
acne, Adidas trackies,
your paint-flecked beanie hiding
contemporary coiffure from the
vicissitudes of cement dust,
its wool displaying that authentic feel of
Nepal or the Orkneys
more than Primark polyester,
while their smooth chins
and sparsely sprouting stubble
quail before your fashionable wedge of beard
that I suspect of being anointed with product
in a daily regimen,
Zadok of the chin.
The checked shirt would create
a full lumberjack effect
except real timbermen
aren’t quite so willowy
and you lounge sans axe.




Dave Hubble is a newcomer to Poetryland but is a regular performer at events in the south of England. He has been published in places such as Rebelle Society and parkCulture, and can be found blogging at http://ellipsiad.blogspot.co.uk/

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