Lee Nash





Delicate milky buttons.
I am torn whether to destroy it,
or to pass the gift on whole –
that darn dilemma of taking or giving.

Forgive me for taking.
At the time I could not give,
I had nothing. Not even a button.
Not a sou, not a shekel, not a shilling.

My needle and thread serve me witness
for the cloth I have damaged.
See me make amends, squinting,
puncturing the fabric from the inside out.




Lee Nash lives and works in France, and has lived previously in the UK, South Africa and New Zealand. She freelances as an editorial designer for a UK publishing house, and is raising her two children.
http://www.bluethumbnail.com/Author/collaboration.html http://subprimal.com/issues/issue2/crucifix-by-lee-nash

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