Jack Stevens




Eventual Return (Parts I and II)


You have frightened your father
with the early hour phone call

M11   A11   A14

To pinpoint your location
on the shaking map and keep
yourself calm,

to guide those headlights
through the thunder
towards the farm


I have admitted to almost missing you
You have returned in the reflection of the
study window, as the blinds flit skywards
from my impatient grip

It was different then
That same house in which I gave good riddance,
thanked God on your disappearance, was all
because of age

A stage in life of understanding
younger siblings has
come to me finally

When your reflection comes closer
it arches left to the doorframe
and through it you burst into
the light of the hall



Jack Stevens has been writing poetry for the past five years, between musical projects that he performs in. His current band is called Cathedrals & Cars. He is yet to publish any of his written work.

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