Branko Manojlovic

Weekend Affair

Monday I really missed you —
your long fingers, hair curled round my fingers and all that.
Tuesday I was terribly busy.
Wednesday something about a girl at the office
reminded me of you for an instant.
Thursday at the office I caught myself watching her
fingers, curvier than yours, flicking the pages of some book.
Friday I was libidinously unfixed.
Saturday morning I am reinventing myself:
I don’t really miss you, or anyone.
When we meet later on at 6 (you’ll be slightly late of course)
I’ll be reluctant to hold hands.
By Monday I’ll be missing you of course —
your long fingers, hair curling and all that.

*Branko Manojlovic is a Serbian born poet/musician. He lives and works in Kyoto, Japan. Poems published in Magma, Verse.

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