Briar-Rose Jacobson is writing poetry


Matt Ryan told me to write a poem
He said that it was to be written and turned in by Sunday night –
Emailed to his real email
And put in an attachment
Single spaced, all poems are written single spaced
He said it was to be three pages long
Let’s be real Matt Ryan
I can’t write a three page poem
Let alone a poem that’s a few lines long
Poems never use bland language
Although it helps to have a built vocabulary
I went to a public school in LA
So my vocab was never properly built
And poems can’t rhyme, rhyming is unoriginal
And it’s over rated anyways
The only rhymes you should use are the internal ones
I can’t rhyme internally it’s so hard to find the time
Also you have to have a good topic for your poem
You can’t write a poem on the Burr-Hamilton duel in 1804
Or the difference between the word honor and honour
Poems are made of words-words you feel
Poems are made to come from your mind and soul
A poem is a container for these words
When writing a poem you have to find the right shape
If you don’t find the right shape the words will fall on the floor
Like alphabet soup
Good poems are usually written by good writers
I’m a terrible writer – That’s why I’m taking this class
Maybe one day I’ll get better at it

* Briar-Rose Jacobson is a senior political communications major at Concordia University, St Paul. She works for the university newspaper The Sword as the staff photographer and is also a student leader for the Communication Club.

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