Dan Stathers




The Burial


Spring arrived with a thud at the window

and the loose neck of a sudden corpse.

I found it in the mad sunshine, with eyes

snapped shut and wings tucked in;

a feathered grub plucked belly side up.

Its static talons clung stiff

to the breeze as I held its tiny weight

on my palm. Digging through

severed roots, I shored an only grave,

fit for a runt

and placed the prim body

at its cold end. I spilled the mound

over, to clog the pit,

inviting blind slitherers back

to pick down the carcass –

its restless heart still wet.

Now the daffs bow their heads

and the robin waits

on the wall,

keen to beak the turnings.









Dan Stathers is from Kingsbridge in South Devon. After studying creative writing at the Open University, Dan was awarded the William Hunter Sharpe Memorial Scholarship by The University of Edinburgh (for poetry). He likes football and Border Terriers.


This poem was first  published in Obsessed With Pipework, 2013

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