Matt Duggan




I hear the pulse of rain
swallowing the echo of the U-Bahn,
street of peeping blue towers,

blocks of concrete yellow clones.

A spacious forecourt at Bebelplatz
bricked pale path of glass bookends,
Germanic monument in turquoise stone
like God’s staring at a world yet born.

Sketched on the remnants of the wall
metal skeleton of a green communist car,
each touch of paint a bead to struggle,

where every colour illuminates the loss of life.

The lost memories of the unknown dead
are scattered like origami angels,
life is a candle that flickers and burns
under paper made crosses  of unknown names.


Matt Duggan poems have appeared in The Seventh Quarry, Section 8, The Dawntreader, Roundyhouse, Apogee Magazine, Poetry Quarterly, Dwang 2, The Journal, Illumen, Yellow Chair Review, Jawline Review, Carillon, The Bitchin’ Kitsch, Vagabonds, Lunar Poetry Magazine, The Screech Owl, Message in a Bottle, OF/With, IANASP, The Stare’s Nest, The Cobalt Review, Sarasvati, Expound, Ex-Fic, Trysts of Fate. He had his first collection of poems published last year ‘Making Adjustments For Life Expectancy. Matt also created and hosts a spoken word evening at Hydra Bookshop in Bristol UK called Spoken Indulgence, and is the editor of a brand new poetry magazine The Angry Manifesto.  Matt was shortlisted this year for the erbacce poetry prize 2015.

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