Mickey J. Corrigan





The sea that bears you
is agitated today
dusted with tiny wild
rushing headlong
at the ragged shore.

You are one small wave
by your own kind.

The land does not notice you
no matter what color
you may offer:

a brilliant turquoise,
a crush of silvered blue.

The land has lost interest
in you
when you cough yourself up,
drag along the endless sand.

You are one small wave
in an ocean of many oceans.

This is the best
you can hope for,
the best you can do.




Mickey J. Corrigan is a pen name I adopted a few years ago to publish my pulpy fiction. I have worked as a writer/editor for many years. My novels and novellas have been published by small presses including Salt Publishing in the UK. You can visit at www.mickeyjcorrigan.com   or read more poetry on Tumblr: http://mickeyjcorrigan.tumblr.com/

I live and work near the beach in South Florida. Sound like paradise? Well, even paradise has sharks. And they don’t always stay out to sea.

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