Two new poems by Chris Major

An Easter Sacrifice In 2007
I've given up writing long
poems for Lent….
– – – – – – – – –
Not at all what
was expected:
chintz and soft furnishings,
shag muffling the
med trolley's rattle.
A flower-filled lounge
where we sat and talked,
stretched imagination
to happier times,
snagging on a game,
a girl,
a party,
its recoil slapping
you to silence
and misty eyes.
Amongst magazines
and figurines,
carpets and cushions
we could be anywhere,
just the mundane text
of ordinary lives,
'til sunlight brushes
the pleasant room,
highlights your skin
in yellow…….


  1. Love that Lent one – it's really classy! I'm still smiling …

  2. Hey Anne
    thanks.Glad you liked it

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