Reviews for ‘Fothermather’ by Gail McConnell


‘An astonishing series of nineteen poems, where the traditional literary equation between stanza and room, or the biologistic equivalence of room and womb, yield to pages of undersea fluidity and pre-linguistic play… Fothermather is a vision of queer parenthood [whose] many formal pleasures… are accompanied by a needling vulnerability. This is a book of thoughtful welcome and letting-go, where language gives way to newness and wonder.’

Vahni Capildeo, PN Review 249: Volume 46 Number 1, September – October 2019.


‘In Fothermather, Gail McConnell’s deft use of concrete forms and erasure shows us that the locus of parenting rests not at the fixed and gendered poles of mother and father but rather surfaces in an open sea that we must chart with intentionality. The connections McConnell’s speaker finds in these waters startle and astound with wit and the fulsomeness of love.’

Donika Kelly