Ahab Hamza




Number Systems

I use numbers
and a yes/no system to entertain myself
it is not nice
although I’m not really looking for approval
Ones to fours need not apply
a five will need a visa
sixes have the right to work
sevens have residency
eights, nines and tens highly skilled
says penis at the border
It’s retarded,
leading nowhere, it does a lot more harm than good.
Does it really?
My imagination is no concern of yours



Ahab Hamza was born in Birkenhead on 27th November 1993. He has been featured in several publications the most notable of which was The Recusant‘s The Robin Hood Book anthology. He was also shortlisted for the 2012 erbacce prize for poetry. He currently resides in South London where he is now a mathematics teacher.



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